Unfair's Scenario Guide

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Unfair's Scenario Guide


Guide Submitted By Jermaine and Dott

I. Overview

Scenarios are a new feature in The Secret World. Inside the Sunken Library are simulation chambers that allow players to experience these scenarios. The Sunken Library (occupied by the Council of Venice) can be reached through Agartha using the portal at the end of the Transylvania branch (after Carpathian Fangs), or just jump down to it from the ledge next to the Seoul entrance. Scenarios provide solo and group play for players of all skill and gear levels. To begin a scenario, click on the console in the back of the library and use the drop down menus to design the type of scenario you want to attempt. *It is important to note that there is no mechanic that allows for gear repair inside the scenarios. Bring a reconstructor if you have one and don’t forget to repair between scenarios! (On a Nightmare Duo we had to change builds just so we could swap out of broken gear and continue due to the number of deaths we incurred). Also, available from the item store is a potion that will remove all scenario cooldowns, it costs five veteran points for a stack of five. Also note that about 30 minutes is needed to complete a full scenario.

II. Scenario Locations

There are currently three different instances in which a scenario may take place:

Hotel; This scenario takes place at the hotel in Scorched Desert.

Mansion; This scenario takes place at the Franklin mansion in Blue Mountain.

Castle; This scenario takes place at Dracula’s Castle in the Carpathian Fangs.

III. Scenario Group Sizes

There are three categories of group sizes that may be selected for scenarios:

Solo; Intended for one player (shares a cooldown with Duo). Even though it is called “solo”, more than one player may participate if it is not Nightmare difficulty.

Duo; Intended for two players (shares a cooldown with Solo). Even though it is called “duo”, more than two players may participate if it is not Nightmare difficulty.

Group; Intended for a full group of five. We have yet to attempt entering with a raid group but who knows?

IV. Scenario Difficulties

There are three difficulties to try scenarios on:

Normal; The easiest difficulty (shares a cooldown with Elite) and allows extra group members if you are in a solo or duo.

Elite; A harder version of the Normal version (shares cooldown with Normal) and allows extra group members if you are in a solo or duo.

Nightmare; The most challenging version of the fight and does not allow extra group members.

V. Scenario Objectives

Currently there is only one objective available to select: Seek and Preserve. This objective is broken down into several phases that go in order:

1. Initialization 45 seconds

2. Rally Survivors Hotel: 4.5 minutes, Mansion 4 minutes, Castle: 5 minutes The actual time spent on this phase depends on how long you take, it will end early if you complete it early.

3. Preparation 10 seconds

4. Wave One 5 minutes

5. Boss One 3 minutes The actual time spent on this phase depends on how long you take, it will end early if you complete it early.

6. Interlude 30? seconds

7. Wave Two 5 minutes

8. Boss Two 3 minutes The actual time spent on this phase depends on how long you take, it will end early if you complete it early.

9. Interlude 30? seconds

10. Wave Three 5 minutes

11. Final Boss 5 minutes The actual time spent on this phase depends on how long you take, it will end early if you complete it early.

VI. Seek and Preserve Scenario Phases

Initialization Phase

Initialization phase is the first phase of the scenario. You are given 45s? to find spawn locations for the survivors and search for Council of Venice supply crate or crates, or you may want to run and grab the lore. The initial Council of Venice crate(s) contain a five stack of three different proximity mine types (Freezing; stuns, Entangling; roots, Explosive; massive damage) that are consumed when placed. (Be careful as the mines will affect friendly targets; as well as mobs. It is not wise to place the mines before the survivors are rallied as survivors will run over mines and trigger them.) Also note that if you watch the intro cutscene you can sometimes get a peak of where the crate(s) have spawned.

Rally Survivors

In this timed phase at the start all the survivors will spawn with a solitary mob that is attacking them. They will be spread at different points all over the map. There are 15 survivors in The Hotel, 12 in The Mansion and 18 in The Castle. To save the survivors, the mobs must be killed. Survivors can be healed by players (they have a debuff that makes this very hard) or First Aid Kits (found at a vendor in the library or in crates from supply drops). The first Aid Kits provide an aoe heal. After the attacking mob is killed, the survivor will run to one of the rally locations where they must be defended during the rest of the scenario. The Hotel has three rally locations, The Mansion has two locations, and The Castle has three locations. Rally locations will be indicated on the minimap by small blue dots and are always in the same place. The dots will turn orange if that location comes under attack (when a survivor is first hit, by mobs or AoEs, the color changes and it will turn back to blue when the last mob that hit a survivor has died or the AOE fades. If you do not allow any mobs to reach a rally location it will not change color). In normal and elite mode some survivors will be armed and assist in their defence.


After you rescue all survivors you are given 10 seconds to position yourself and your team for the impending onslaught.


Each scenario has three waves of trash mobs spawns that try to kill all the survivors. Each one of these waves lasts for 4 / 5 ? minutes depending on the scenario. The location of their spawns are indicated on the minimap and full screen map by an orange square crosshair. The squares will fade in and out, or pulse. Each time it pulses this indicates a fresh spawn of one to five mobs (depending on type) coming from that location. Typically the location of the mob spawn will determine which survivor rally location they are headed for. Due to aoe ground effects it is not advisable to fight the mobs on top of the rally locations. The location of the mob spawns will not last for the entire duration of the wave but expire (after about 30 seconds to a minute?) and respawn at a new location (or sometimes the very same location, lucky you). The last fresh spawns will happen at or around 10-15 seconds? left on the wave timer. Each new spawn location will usually have 3? spawns spaced evenly apart. Some spawns have a Filth Infected creature or two that will cause a filth puddle that lasts for 5 seconds when they die and damages any survivors it is under. *It is also important to note that mobs with ground AoE attacks will often times run past players until they drop their ground attack on the survivors. You can either damage the mob and wait for it to run back after it does its attack on the survivors; or stun/taunt?/hinder? the mob to force it to give up on dropping its AoE on the survivors.

Mob Types:

Ghouls(constant buff Sickly Foam; On a successful penetrating hit. inflicts a disease effect casts Spite),
Locusts (casts Digestive Goop, Regrow),
Cursed Cultists, Mummies (cast Chaotic Psalm),
Hellspawn & Rakshasa,
Filth Infected (X66-0 Infected constant buff New Flesh; Resistant to debuff and impairment effects)

Zombies(<sea zombies, Heave Ho>,
<other zombie with big dmg absorption barrier called Cult Pact, casts Chaotic Entrapment GTAoE, Cult Promise. don’t know what that does>),
Scarecrows (constant buff Built to Last; Greatly increased resistance to impairment effects, castable buff Burning Man; Burning, inflicts elemental damage when struck),
Hellspawn & Hell Soldiers & Rakshasa,
Filth Infected

Werewolves & Wolves,
Crash Test Dummies (not sure what that was about),
Fauns & Wisps,
Deathless & Familiars,
Hellspawn & Hell Soldiers & Rakshasa,
Filth Infected


At the end of each of the waves a boss will spawn, the first two boss phases will have a 3 minute timer. Their spawn point will be indicated on the minimap by a big orange skull. The boss will not despawn and the scenario will not fail if you have not killed it by the end of the 3 minutes, instead the next Wave phase will begin while the boss is still alive meaning you will have to defend the survivors from waves while finishing off the boss. Like with black bullion, everyone in the team needs to loot the bag that bosses drop to receive the Aureus of Initiation token(s) inside.

Hotel Bosses:

Effigy Z77 Cultist; Blood Cultist:
Accursed Blast; GTAoE
Spilled Blood; GTAoE which leaves a pool of blood behind

Effigy X77 Cultist; Burning Cultist:
Blazing Quickness; PBAoE
Call to Flames; Summons flames spirits

Effigy X77 Golem; Fire Golem:
Burning Crash; GTAoE
Firestorm; Large PBAoE with safe spot in melee range, can be LoS’d
Lava Flow; Column attack
Slag Burn; Damage over time effect targeted on Survivors
Buffs (constant): Candescence / Scalding Crust; Light health leech if target is suffering affliction effet. Burning inflicts light elemental damage when struck.

Effigy Z77 Ghoul; Caster Ghoul:
Bleaching of Bones; GTAoE
Nausea; GTAoE
Prehistoric Sickness; TAoE
Spite; Projectile attack
Wave of Sickness; Large PBAoE with safe spot in melee range, can be LoS’d
Buffs (constant): Sickly Foam; On a successful penetrating hit, inflicts a disease effect.

Effigy X77 Ghoul; Hulking Ghoul:
Monstrous Swipes; Channeled melee attack
Rampage; GTAoE
Spite; Projectile attack
Buffs (constant): Singlemindedness; Immune to hindering effects
Buffs (castable): Frenzy; Slows the Ghoul and makes him hit harder as well as evade every attack for 12? seconds; Does not slow him in Nightmare version, If you are hit while this buff is up it will most likely one shot you

Effigy X77 Mummy; Giant Mummy:
Bling Blang; Single target stun?
Unjust Execution; Wide frontal cone

Effigy Z77 Jinn; Jinn:
Firepower; PBAoE
Searing Heat; Large PBAoE with safe spot in melee range, can be LoS’d
Buffs (constant): ??; Defensive buff
Towering Inferno; Stacks on each critical hit, after stacking five critical hits, resets cooldowns on spells
Debuff: ??; Pulsing TAoE that can be cast on players or survivors and lasts 6? seconds.

Effigy ??? Spectre? -
Giant Scythe wielding creature that does massive AoE’s that should be avoided. (only rumored to have been seen in the hotel, probably only spawns in the mansion or is only intended to spawn there)

Effigy X77 Scorpion; Giant Scorpion:
Eject Poison; Wide frontal cone
Venomous Column; Column attack
Debuffs: Neurotoxin; Poison debuff, when number of counters reaches 5 you will be unable to move for a short time

Mansion Bosses:

Effigy X77 Zombie; Zombie Bear:
Bear Bite; A melee attack that applies a 10 second bleed effect
Spilled Blood; GTAoE which leaves a pool of blood behind
Buffs (castable): Ursinity; Slows the Bear and makes him hit harder; as well as evade every attack for 12? seconds, Does not slow him on Nightmare, If you are hit while this buff is up it will most likely one shot you

Effigy X77 Zombie; Hulking Zombie:
Dead Weight; Small PBAoE
Exhumation; GTAoE

Effigy X77 Revenant; Revenant:
Call to Crows; Column attack
Flickering Ambush; Charges a player
Defensive: Flicker; Boss goes temporarily invisible

Effigy X77 Ak’Ab; Giant Ak’Ab:
Chittering Call; Summons baby Ak’ab’s
Dash; Column Dash that stuns? anything in its path
Heals: Royal Jelly; Channeled column leech?

Effigy Z77 Draug; Squid Draug:
Gold Chains; Projectile attack
Pulse Wave; PBAoE
Buffs (castable): Barnacled; Increased defence rating buff for 12? seconds

Effigy X77 Draug; Crab Draug:
Deep Blast; PBAoE
Water Spirals; GTAoE
Watery Spike; Projectile attack
Buffs (castable): Barnacled; Increased defence rating buff for 12? seconds

Effigy X77 Wendigo; Wendigo:
Wendigo Psychosis; Projectile attack
Heals: Lean Winter; Channeled self-heal
Buffs (castable): All-Consuming Hunger; Instant-cast Penetration & Crit chance buff for 12? seconds
Unquenchable Hunger; Major Hit Chance buff for 12? seconds

Effigy ??? Spectre? -
Giant Scythe wielding creature that does massive AoE’s that should be avoided.

Castle Bosses:

Effigy Z77 Vampire; Caster Vampire:
Lord of Veins; Multiple AoE circles that spawn randomly and leech health on any target it hits
Royal Blood; PBAoE blood puddle that persists for ?? seconds

Effigy ??? Vampire -
General Vampire that throws leech bombs that should be avoided. Also hits fairly hard with his gun attacks.

Effigy X77 Werewolf; Hulking Werewolf:
Buffs (castable): Bloodthirst; Increased critical chance
Lumbering Rage; Casted buff that slows the Werewolf and makes him hit harder as well as evade every attack for 12? seconds; Does not slow him on Nightmare
Rage; Stacking buff that increases critical hit chance and lowers evasion chance

Effigy X77 Werewolf; Howling Werewolf:
Howl; Summons wolves that do column dashes that knockdown for 2? seconds
Buffs (castable): Bloodthirst; Increased critical chance
Rage; Stacking buff that increases critical hit chance and lowers evasion chance

Effigy ??? Fungus -
Giant fungal who puts filthy spores on the ground that should be avoided.

Effigy Z77 Fungus; Spider Fungus
Chaos Spreads; Projectile attack (might apply Poison debuff)
Leeching Miasma; PBAoE that leeches health
Buffs (constant): Surface Virulence; When afflicted, counters with poison effect
Debuffs: Poison; Inflicts chaos damage over time

Effigy X77-0 Troll; Zmeu:
Overhead Smash; PBAoE
Sloughing Filth; PBAoE that leaves a filth pool behind

Effigy X77 Vampire; Hulking Vampire:
Ball and Chain; PBAoE
Demolisher; Channeled? PBAoE
Impaling Strike; Attack that applies the Impaling Strike? Buff
Surgical Strike; Projectile attack
Buffs (castable): Impaling Strike?; 40% Penetration chance
Buffs (constant):[/i Hemostasis; Resistant to debuff effects

Effigy ??? Fata Padurii?; ??
(Only heard rumors about this guy; supposedly has the spirits that make him invulnerable and heal a lot and is really annoying. I’m guessing you need to hinder and kill the spirits while kiting the tree away)

There is a break after the first two bosses for 45? seconds. During these interludes the computer will activate a random event. These events can be one of many things:

Snipers: Sometimes friendly, sometimes enemies. These snipers hinder but do not do heavy damage. They can be an annoyance or a huge help in the case of friendly snipers. They cannot be targeted and killed even with ranged attacks. It should be noted that you can dodge and LoS their attacks.

Filth Bombs: Giant filth spawns in critical areas that last the duration of the wave.

Weather Effects: Weather conditions that last throughout the entirety of the next wave. Standing in these weather effects will reduce visibility and cause a different effect based on which location you are in. For the Hotel, being in the sandstorm will spawn a locust every time the debuff effect reaches 10. For the Mansion, being in the black fog may cause you to be hindered or spawn a zombie every time the debuff effect reached 10. For the Castle, being in the snow/lightning? storm damages you heavily and hinders you. Being indoors protects you from the weather effects, also there are set locations surrounded by a golden fire that are safe from the weather effects (all survivor rally points are safe).

Traitors: Some survivors may turn into cultist traitors/zombies/vampires? and attempt to kill the other survivors. This will reduce your survivor count temporarily when you kill them but new survivors will spawn later to replace them and put your count back up. The new survivors will spawn randomly at one of many set spawn locations on the map during the next wave and must be found before they will run to a rally location and join the other survivors. Leaving a survivor at this spawn location will not hurt your score, but it will leave a survivor out in the open vulnerable to mob attacks away from the rally point.

Extra Boss Spawn: An extra boss will immediately spawn. The computer encourages you to avoid it but it drops loot, also if an extra boss is engaged but not killed before the end of a failed scenario it will not despawn after the fail and can still be killed and looted before you exit. Which boss is spawned is based on the location of the scenario.

Interlude Bosses:

Effigy X77 Golem - Sand Golem (Hotel):
Crash; GTAoE
Sand Spout; Large PBAoE with safe spot in melee range, can be LoS’d
Sandstorm; TAoE that leaves a sandstorm behind that slows anything caught in it

Effigy X77 Golem - Plague Golem (Mansion):
Overgrowth; TAoE that leaves a plague pool behind that deals heavy damage to anything caught in it
Rock Clash; GTAoE
Buffs (constant): Rock Pound; Penetration chance increased if target is suffering impairment effects

Effigy X77 Golem - Ice Golem (Castle):
Cold Wave; Cone attack
Icy Reach; Massive PBAoE that freezes and hinders in place for 10? seconds
Buffs (constant): Ice Fracture; 100% critical hit cahnce if target is suffering impairment effects.

Supply Drops: New crates are dropped in throughout the next wave containing bombs, first aid kits for survivors, turrets, arms for survivors, augment resonators, or perhaps a junkyard golem will spawn out of it and attack you.

Effigy X55 Golem
Puncture Wounds -
Saw Off; Wide frontal cone
Buffs (constant): Grinding the Gears; Increased critical hit chance if target is suffering damage over time

Final Boss

The final boss spawns with a 4 minute timer after the third wave of trash mobs. Unsure if the boss needs to die before the timer expires (heard a rumor that it affects your final score if you do not kill it before the timer expires). Also unsure if some bosses will only spawn as a the final boss, but it seems like this may be the case.

VII. Scenario Power-Ups

“Power-Ups” are spawned around the map and dropped by mobs. They provide very temporary buffs and can be activated or picked up simply by running over them.

Spawned Power-Ups always spawn at a set location and will respawn at the same location 2 minutes after being picked up.

(Group) Celerity Stimulant (Purple Double Chevron Right): This power-up gives a movement speed boost for 15 seconds. The buff will apply to all group members within range when picked up.

Dropped Power-Ups come from trash mobs and crates will fade 45 seconds after being dropped. They affect only the player that pick them up.

Resilient Stimulant (Blue Shield): This power-up gives a damage reduction buff for 15 seconds.

Aggression Stimulant (Red Fist): This power-up gives a significant increase to damage dealt for 15 seconds.

Vitality Stimulant (Yellow Cross): This power-up gives a heal over time for 15 seconds.

Celerity Stimulant (Purple Double Chevron Right): This power-up gives a significant movement speed boost for 15 seconds.

VIII. Scenario Rewards

Scenarios are graded by the computer and Aureus of Initiation tokens are awarded based on the type of scenario ran and the score obtained. There are five grades that can be obtained:

Fail; Allowing all the survivors to die (not sure if there are other ways to fail). Failing will not cause a full cooldown period. If you fail before the first boss spawns there may be zero cooldown otherwise the cooldown is one hour for a failed attempt that reached the first boss phase.

Bronze; Completing the scenario with half? or less of the survivors alive.

5/12=7 tokens for bronze duo elite mansion

5/18=8 tokens for bronze group elite castle

1/12=10 tokens for bronze duo nightmare mansion

Silver; Completing the scenario with between half? and two thirds? of the survivors alive.

9/15=11 tokens for silver duo elite hotel

Gold; Completing the scenario with two thirds? to all but one survivors alive.

10/12=10 tokens for gold duo normal mansion

11/15=15 tokens for gold duo elite hotel

Platinum; Completing the scenario with all the survivors alive.

20 tokens for solo nightmare mansion/hotel

21 tokens for group elite mansion/hotel

26 tokens for duo nightmare castle

28 tokens for group nightmare castle/hotel

Each scenario will trigger a mission complete with a pax and XP reward if you do not fail. Clicking the X in the top right corner of the score sheet will hide it so you can explore after the scenario is over (pass or fail). To bring the score sheet back, click the orange exit icon next to the mini-map. The screen will be blue and fuzzy, but you can spend time exploring for lore, unopened crates, and even finish off the golem extra boss if you tagged it before the scenario ended.

*Many thanks to our cabal mates from In Vino Veritas (cross faction cabal) who helped us to run scenarios nearly nonstop until we figured out what the heck was going on!*
cicileus at gmail dot com
Posted Nov 14, 13 · OP
I can confirm the Padurii in the Castle, it was my very first final boss. It has three wisps, and like the Padurii in the Shadowed Forest, they need to be killed out of LoS of the Padurii or separated from it for an unknown length of time.

It is freaking hard, especially if you get it on Solo like I did. The biggest problem I can see with it is that neither it nor its wisps can be stunned, only hindered, and my solo deck didn't have hinders.

So, consider packing one hinder in your scenario deck if you are in the Castle, just in case.

I also have a question: Is the buff that the bosses cast that makes them move slow and oneshot you for 12 seconds (the bear, hulking ghoul, and werewolf bosses) purgeable?
Posted Nov 14, 13
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