Twitter is the go-to solution for many RPers to stay in touch IN CHARACTER but OUT OF GAME.

Some may scoff at the idea of RP on Twitter, but it's an actual thing. The RP community has adapted to the technology available. Funcom actually pays their writers to post from various IC Twitter accounts from The Buzzing, Kristin Geary, Richard Sonnac, Saïd, and others. They've also played out several Augmented Reality Games (ARGs) with substantial Twitter components.

A lot of us use Twitter as a real time communication method to move things during a RP session or to converse while the players aren't able to jump in game, post on a forum or anything else. Given that it's SO EASY to get to Twitter from your phone, it's become a popular way to interact in-character but out-of-game.

You can watch the Twitterverse without having a Twitter account here:

There is NO TELLING what will be on Twitter. It could be not safe for work, contain triggers, be gross, dumb, abusive, just plain wrong, or offensive. TSW-RP does not moderate Twitter. (And we don't want to!) View Twitter in whatever way is most appropriate for you.

Sign up for Twitter

Twitter is free, and signup is easy. Go to and sign up for an account. It will require you submit a valid email address.

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Follow TSW-RP and get added to the list of RP accounts

Once you join Twitter, follow the TSW-RP account:

And tweet to it and Jani, Indracit, or I will follow you back.

Lurk mightily for a bit

If you lurk for a day or two you'll see the "rhythm" of Twitter and you'll pick up how and what to post pretty rapidly. In order to SEE the entire universe of RP tweets in TSW, add the RP account list.

Go here:

Click "subscribe" in the upper left.


You can also subscribe to the other lists...



Find your friends and make some new ones

Follow accounts that belong to people your character knows. Or who are saying things that your character might be interested in. If your character is really close to someone, it's pretty reasonable to assume that you'd know some of their friends too.

Use Twitter to develop your character

IRL, people use Twitter to stay informed or amused by the things they like. So look at Twitter from your character's point of view. Maybe she follows local news in her hometown. Maybe he follows his favorite band. Consider the causes, news, sports, music, and entertainment that your character would find important and follow them on Twitter.

This gives you an easy way to always have character-appropriate conversational topics at hand in RP.

"Oh man, I can't believe that my sportsball team drafted so-and-so player."
"Did you hear that musicband was going on tour?"
"The gossip says that moviestar is considering filming a remake of Singing In The Rain."

What are some good things to tweet about?

RP events or opportunities.
Your character's reaction to a real-world news story.
An interesting quote.
Art and pictures.
A link to something your character's friends might like.
A link to news that might be secret world appropriate.
A question that starts a conversation.
Retweet the good stuff from your character's Twitter contacts.
Praise and gratitude.

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Twitter can be used for RP

Some people choose to RP in Twitter in several different ways, that often overlap. RP in Twitter could be...

A conversation between any number of people IC.
Status updates from actual RP going on in game. (Livetweeting a party or event.)
Status updates from "assumed" RP.

"Assumed RP" is all that stuff your character does off stage when you're not actively "piloting" him or her by playing the character in game or writing RP. This might be going to your faction HQ for a medical checkup, visiting with friends or family, or even doing something quite adventurous. Some groups live tweet from all sorts of situations. But, the thing is, the players aren't actually playing out the details of that RP. The tweets sort of build on each other's story like an improv skit. So while it looks like the players are doing some really intricate RP, they're really just giving you little glimpses into a mutual story via tweets. No one is actually together RPing out the story.

Different people view Twitter the IC aspects of Twitter differently

There's a question of how you view Twitter in the context of TSW. What happens when people tweet about vampires and ur-draug and Gaia?

Perhaps you think that the Council of Venice (or someone) runs a big algorithm that means that those tweets never make it out of the Ealdwick social ecosphere. That way your character can post a picture of him killing someone with a shotgun without worrying about the police, or a picture of a sprite without people thinking they've gone off the deep end.

Perhaps your character just never tweets about anything supernatural or related to The Secret World or criminal or at least morally questionable activities.

Maybe you figure that the rest of the world sees this, and thinks that these characters are just deranged, making a joke, or hallucinating.

Every person and every RP group has a different justification for the use of Twitter and that's good and to be expected in a large community. Remember, you can't control how other people use this freely available medium - if someone is tweeting about SUPA SEKRIT stuff that you think your faction would never allow, just turn a blind eye to it and move on (snark, sarcasm, and passive-aggression makes you look immature). You can only control your own RP, and you cannot control how other people see the Twitterverse. Let it go.

A few etiquette suggestions

This is a mashup of some Twitter etiquette from HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Note that these are just *suggestions* so you do whatever is best for you, and most appropriate for your character to do. Sometimes characters do things on Twitter that are silly, nonsensical, irrational, irate, self-destructive, vindictive, or incomprehensible to others and that's just part of their RP and that's entirely appropriate.

Ask yourself "is it worth someone taking time out of their day to read this?"
Don't spam.
#Dont #Overuse #Hashtags
The accounts your character follows say something about your character.
If you have to write "spoiler alert," maybe just don't tweet it.
Stick to 140 characters.
Keep it in character.
Please don't overshare.
Twitter is not a good medium for arguing.

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What about multiple characters?

Twitter requires you have a unique email account for every twitter account. Sure, you can make a million gmail accounts easily, but there's an easier way to do this. Gmail, as usual, to the rescue. Gmail ignores the periods in an email account.

So you can email me at:,, and so on. So create Twitter accounts with the "period variants" of your email address.

THEN you need to manage them from one place. Is a website that lays out your Twitter accounts in lovely columns. You can also run it as a dedicated program rather than just a webpage. They also have an Android app. For iPhone users, is a good option. You can get it for free with some adds, or pay $5 for no adds.

Seeing tweets you don't want to see? Twitter gives you tools to address this

It's possible that there are some people who are going to annoy you on Twitter. Don't argue with them - instead, disengage like an adult and use the tools within Twitter to manage them.

Option 1: Unfollow. LINK
Option 2: Mute. LINK
Option 3: Block. LINK
Option 4: Protect. LINK

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