A few things first...

All a cabal gets you - from a in-game perspective - is a custom chat channel and a community bank.

Most RPers are not in cabals, or are in single-person cabals. (You can make a cabal of just yourself if you need a little more bank space.) Even the RPers *in* cabals play with people outside their cabal a whole lot. Don't get hung up on being in a cabal. If you're not interested in one, you'll still be just fine.

The thing a cabal *does* get you is the intangible benefit of sort of a premade circle of friends. That's the main benefit - and it's a doozie - but there are a lot of friendly folks here that form a sort of ubercabal and you can talk to them in-game on the TSW-RP chat channels and out of game (but still in character) on Twitter. Having said that, being in a cabal can be a fun way to get involved in other storylines.

A small bit of cabal-finding advice...

See who's advertising in our forums: LINK

This will be the most recent list of active cabals. You can read over basic information there. The TSW forums also have subfora for Cabals, Roleplaying, and Arcadia (RP) that might have some good intel about active RP cabals.

See who's hosting events: LINK

Also look on the main TSW calendar for events: LINK

Doing these two things will give you some idea of the more public cabals. There's a lot more past that!

See who's doing RP that's interesting to you.

Look around on the forums here for people or groups that do RP that is interesting to you. Also be sure to look around in game and on Twitter for characters you hit it off with. See what cabals they belong to.

Verify the cabal is still active.

A lot of cabals started strong at game launch, but have melted down since then, so it's up to you to do a little homework.

Peruse their website. See if they have parts of it that are open. When were they last updated?

Look the cabal up in Chronicle. LINK See how many people are actually in their cabal.

See if people from that cabal are posting on Twitter. Twitter serves as the official-unofficial in-character-but-out-of-game communications network.

Figure out when their leadership was last in game.

Down at the bottom of each character's page in Chronicle is the date when that character was last updated. (It's below augments).



You should definitely check several of the higher ranked characters in the cabal and/or the ones that are mentioned as in-game contacts. It's only natural that sometimes people have RL things to do and might not have been around for a bit, so check around for several characters.

Don't necessarily limit yourself to one faction.

There are some multi-faction groups. (While the characters may not be in the same in-game cabal, they might be in the same out-of-game cabal website and might be using a custom chat channel for RP as the council of Venice, the Phoenicans, or other groups.)

Ask around.

Definite ask around about any cabal you're interested in. Ask OOC in the chatbox here, but also consider asking IC. A valid RP opening gambit in the Horned God is talking to one of the locals and saying "you seem like you know all the good gossip here... have you heard of a group called..."

Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Every cabal out there has disgruntled former players and IC rivals.

Realize that most cabals will 'background check' you.

Most cabals run a basic 'background check' on people who apply. The things that they are likely to look at include your character dossier/profile (either on these forums or on the TSWRP mod), your character's twitter profile, Chronicle, and your posts on the TSW-RP.com website. So, before you decided to hunt down a cabal, look at your profile. What does your dossier, your twitter, your posts on TSW-RP.com say about you? Do you like what it says? If not, spend some time making sure you're presenting the image you want to present.

A lot of cabal leaders will check in with other cabals if you or your other characters have been part of other groups. Generally, cabal leaders know to take hearsay, rumor, and other opinions with a grain of salt as well.

Read the application instructions carefully and follow them.

Many cabals have an application and the depth and length of the application process is highly variable. Be sure to read up on the application instructions and make sure you follow them. Be sure to check back in on your application and see if anyone has commented on it, and be sure to ask questions. Most cabals will want to talk to an applicant via enjin and/or in game to see what they're like (as opposed to just approving the application without ever meeting the applicant). So be proactive about finding people from the cabals you like.

Talk to people in the cabal.

While talking to new people is often scary, the cabal leaders and recruiting contacts are generally thrilled to talk to people. Just send them an OOC message through Enjin asking about their group. If you're not sure what to talk about, ask them why they like that particular cabal or faction, or what that cabal is like in a purely OOC faction. Those are good conversation-starters.


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