Finding RP requires you to make the first move. If you're just quietly lurking in the chat box or in game, odds are no one is going to just come talk to you out of the blue. So it's incumbent on you to just start talking to people. RP doesn't just come to you - you have to get out there and actively hunt it down.

You are going to have to talk to complete strangers (either IC or OOC), which is actually somewhat intimidating. Fortunately, the community here is generally pretty friendly. Definitely ask questions or comment about what's going on in the nearby environment, introduce yourself, or ask a character for advice, help, directions or their opinion. (Who doesn't love giving their opinion, right?)

Here are some things you can do to find RP.

Just ask for it

Ask OOC in the TSW-RP chat box here on Enjin.

If you log in and say in the chat box "Hi there. I'm new. Anyone got time to RP with me?" you will have people generally falling all over themselves to arrange at time/place to meet you in game.

Enjin mail

Sometimes it's easier to just cut to the chase. If you see someone that has a character you'd like to get to know (because you've seen them in game, or on Twitter, or liked their bio) then just tell them that. A simple message like "Hey, I think you've got a really cool character and I'd like to RP with him... here's a link to my bio, would you like to get together?" goes a long way. Set a date to quest IC or to have your characters "accidentally" bump into each other.


There is a lot of IC chatter on Twitter (more info HERE). Chat people up on Twitter and then arrange to meet in game.

Go to an event

RP in the wild is mainly, but not exclusively, at events (which you can find on the TSWRP calendar) the Horned God and various radio shows.

The Horned God is a bar in London not far from the Agartha portal. Show up IC and meet and greet people IC.

We have several groups that do DJ shows in TSW. You go to the in-game location, and then listen to the music from the DJ's website in your browser, while RPing listening to it in game. It creates a party atmosphere, so get in there and dance and chat people up.

Dress and act to signal you're looking for RP

There are characters that are running around with a clown hat, a dirty t-shirt, tighty-whities, and bunny slippers jumping up and down on cars in Ealdwick. Those are the guys not likely into RP. Consider what your character would actually dress like and dress the toon appropriately.

Hide Your Weapons. Put your weapons in your inventory or click the checkbox under them on your character sheet (Press C in game) to hide them. Talking to someone with a rocket launcher on their shoulder is a little distracting IC.

Walking. If you hit the backspace key, your character will walk, not run. Sometimes it's even called the "RP walk" because it's a clear indication that you're in character and not just running to the bank.

Consider joining a RP cabal

That gives you a pool of people to play with. Here's some advice on finding a cabal.

Advertise that you're looking for RP

You can also passively advertise for RP. You can write up an interesting character biography (dossiers, backgrounds, and biographies go HERE). There's some advice stickied in the top of that forum about how to write a good dossier (LINK).

Use the TSW-RP mod

This is an in game interface to make a character bio that is visible in game. It's free. It works. It's easy to install. This gives you an in-game billboard that people can look at to get more info about RP with your character. (Consider this advice as to what to put in it LINK).

You can download it HERE or via CURSE or THE SECRET UI.

Play on the Arcadia server

Arcadia came into existence first, so it has more people and more activity. I'd recommend Arcadia. BUT it doesn't matter, because you can go to any server you want. Ask someone to pull you across to other servers. Also if you get into the Horned God when you think there *should* be people there and it's empty, you might be in the wrong shard/instance. Ask on the TSW-RP chat channel to see who's there on a populated shard/instance. (Type /chat join OOC to add the TSW-RP channel.)

Review at least a few TSW-specific RP guides

They are all different and all good. I recommend looking at them all and using the parts of them that are good for you.

Some thoughts on some ways to RP

Brief RP Guide

Etiquette and Social Roleplay Suggestions

These sites are based on another MMO, but have many principles that apply to TSW.


Join this website
Display A Faction Tag
Get Started In TSW
Choose a server
Pick The Right Secret Society
Find Role-play In TSW
Write a good character background
Find something to do
Talk to other RPers in game
Talk to other RPers out of game
Find A Cabal
Use the TSW-RP Wiki